Do You Have What it Takes to Be a MIT Blackjack Card Counting Professional

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a MIT Blackjack Card Counting Professional?

These MIT guys are just going to blow your mind off with their unbelievable brain power and poker prowess. These guys can completely change how you think and play the game with their incredible aptitude for card counting and probability. Can you be the next MIT blackjack card counting pro? We told you to take a look at their profiles, but then we had to take a look at their backgrounds too.

  1. Triangularbone:

Yes, the originator of the blackjack card counting team, this guy went on to get a PhD in statistics from Cornell University, and as an actuaver, he has been working on a blackjack card counting system called ” TRIO” which offers an incredible advantage over the casino.

He has been quoted as saying: “The casinos make more money from blackjack by under-paying the true odds of the game, creating theICH pocket. . . . I’ve found the best way to beating the casino is to recognize when an opponent is counting cards.” “You cannot beat the house playing against yourself. You are dependent on others to give you a bad beat — someone else’s. Dependent on others for a bad beat is what brings casinos into our lives.”

Sounds good so far, but what does his law really say? Does it mean that you can win over $1 million in a week by card counting? Does it mean that you can make a million by breaking into a casino and standing in line for hours while other people get on with their lives? Does This is what the whole premise of card counting is based on? Does this mean that the MIT guys faced impossible odds while they were in Vegas?

No. It doesn’t mean that at all. It only means that the MIT guys faced the same odds as any other human being, which is a lot more than many claim.

  1. Card Counting – The Independent Alexandra Alleva

The author of ” scorer’s guide to blackjack” claims she has cracked the MIT blackjack card counting code. Using her knowledge in mathematics and probability, she has devised a method of card counting that she claims will allow a skilled player to go to work with a $5 initial bankroll and make $100,000 in a single weekend.

The key to her strategy is the use of a small starting bankroll, and a process of increasing that bankroll incrementally. After playing for several hours with a $500 starting bankroll, the system suggest that the player increase the size of the bet to $1,000. After about 10 hours, the player should have $1,700 in their pocket.

Careful planning and execution is key to getting an initial bankroll big enough to make it to the top!

  1. Card Counting – The Interactive Gram Marlowe

Gram Marione, an MIT Mathematics graduate and blackjack card counter, has written extensively on how to beat the blackjack casinos through card counting techniques. Calling his technique Instant Lottery Odds, he has teenagers running around the casinos after him. He bets heavily during the first few wins and then scales back his bets when he knows he has the edge.

The whole system is a logical approach to gambling, unlike the progressive betting strategies that lose money at an initial play, then require the player to keep recycling money to keep the dream alive.

  1. Win Big, Lose Small – Bankroll Management

The MIT blackjack team used very different bankroll management strategies than most other players. After graduating college,Marcel successfulywas able to build a very large bankroll, and used very aggressive bankroll management strategies.

The MIT blackjack team was very picky when it came to fresh starters and allowed their veteran members to rot on waiting too long to start playing again.

  1. Card Counting – The Random One

The MIT blackjack team performed card counting in their casino. Counting cards is not necessary, but the casinos want to know the outcome of the count and they can always reveal the Pukey count if it goes above or below zero.

There is no real secret in how to card count, but memorizing the basic counting principles and the methodically performed counting systems is key to moving ahead with the blackjack pack.

  1. Mid-game Cycles

If you care to see a bit of math, Mid-game Cycles are created by the Egp88 experts and authors who have spent many years practicing and perfecting the game. Mid-game Cycles are a great product to learn to play the game because unlike the simple card counting techniques, these strategies actually deal with the possibilities of the game in mid-game conditions.

The object of the game is to obtain a total of 21 or as close to 21 as possible without going over. If the count goes over 21, you lose;