How to Become a Better Poker Player

How to Become a Better Poker Player

Whether you are an interesting in becoming a better poker player or you already are one, but you want to improve your game more, I have the answer for you. Read on and we talk about how to become a better poker player.

When I started to play kartupoker in college, poker was not even on my mind. I sort of blew him off even though I really liked the game. He would mention that there was no way I could get in the final three and I just did not see how I could have a chance. Even at the local tournaments I would make it to third or fourth, but I always seemed to lose to the more experienced players. It was not like I could view them as competition. They were friends I would share a few hands with and share what I was doing right and wrong. We just got stuck in the fact that we were “newbies” playing for real money.

As I became more and more frustrated, I started carrying a chip around with me to practice with so I could at least play loose early in the tournament. It got to the point where I would have twenty times the starting amount. I carried the chip around with me just to have something to do in case I started to feel alone. How wrong I was as those hours would turn into hours, and I never reached the final table.

Did you know that professional poker players average about thirty tournaments under their belts? Well, I also had about thirty tournaments completed. About half of those were cash games, and while I did win a few, my winnings were just a little over $10 per hour. Still, I was making enough to pay for my gas, food and drink while I waited for the right time to strike.

Then I thought, “I am going to start waiting at the shoots, and the next shoot will be over there in a couple hours. I better get a move on then.” Right when I finished eating, I headed to the restroom. When I excused myself, there was one player waiting for me. I didn’t even care about that player one bit. I already made my move. The move? I headed to the cash line to get my chips.

Hey, you may not win a big pot or a tournament, but you can learn a lot by watching your opponents. You will find that your opponents keep a really close track of each and every hand that is played. They know the statistical odds on certain hand percentages. Furthermore, they can usually spot each and every “tell” by the reaction of a player when another player bets.

You might not be able to pick up on every little movement of a player as they might not use the handwear convention. However, you can definitely see a lot from the actions that they make that they are trying to hide. Sometimes they hand might be shaking as they think of a good poker hand. Other times they might accidentally let you see their hand when they meant to muck it back in the bag. Hope that you can monitor the level of trust that your opponents in poker give you.