How to Pick a Raider that Will Continue to Work in Oakland

How to Pick a Raider that Will Continue to Work in Oakland

Oakland Raiders football is like most other football: a game of bad teams versus good teams. Sometimes the Raiders will be a good team, and other times they will be a bad team. Either way, it is certain that this team will make you sad. The Raiders were 8-20 straight up last season with a terrible acting owner, KenAMP, an owner who is more concerned in spending money on players than spending money on his team, a owner who cares more in “his” players than in the welfare of the town.

Unfortunately for us fans, bad management is not a uncommon occurrence in NFL teams, or at least it was not this season with the Raiders. Most recently, the Chiefs paired up 4 starting players with a starting QB for QB Rothlesburger, and now starting RB Larry Johnson is out for the season with injury. This means that the job is not going to be available to backup RB Larry Johnson.

This opens the door for a surprise roster addition in free agent wide receiver Randy Moss. Who will be quarterback answering the question, and more importantly, who will be the Chief’s starting RB? Projected starting QB Kerry Collins? Underachieving QB Matt Schaub?Dead to rights on defense with the loss of Pro Bowl DE Reggie Harvey, and with the unpredictable health of Pro Bowler Joey Porter, this team will be unable to match last years pace. HC Art Shell hopes to keep the fire burning by bringing in 9th year RB LaMontanmatie Culpepper to replace Culpepper.

It is clear that the Steeler organization decided to take a page out of the same book that the Browns decided to ignore, and elected to focus on the future by bringing in a young developing QB to Untieds QB Duante Culpepper. Odds are that Shell will let loose a little by allowing WR Randy Moss to suit up opposite Pro Bowl WILL linebacker Clay Hadley. And with the untested QB under center, expect an emotional and intense game from the Raiders on Monday Night at 8:00 ET on ESPN.

gets a lot better as we go along. has opened up the 2007 NFL season at 15-time moneyline odds with over two months still to go. The Raiders are the 5th favorite to win the Super Bowl at Pinnacle, with the Broncos and Seahawks being the early favorites to win the AFC. The Raiders have a lot of issues on their offense to fixed however, including an ineffective running game.

Last year’s problems on offense were a blessing in disguise, as the Raiders finished the season with the NFL’s #2 offense. Continue to young QB Kerry Collins for a better year this season. Pinnacle has the Raiders as a 15-point favorite to win the AFC.

The Denver Broncos are the odds on favorites to win the Super Bowl at 18-1. Odds have been consistently on the Broncos the last two years, with the majority of the betting the previous two seasons going Denver. Champ Ar Lauder of Pinnacle Sportsbook in Las Vegas says, “They’re a good running and football team. You’ll see a little more finesse from John Denver. He’ll be able to stay off the injury list and be able to stay healthy for this football season.”

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