Poker Strategy - What's So Special About Poker, Anyway

Poker Strategy – What’s So Special About Poker, Anyway?

People play poker for a lot of different reasons. Some like it because of the challenge of playing against other players and winning money. Others like it because of the social aspect of the game. They like to talk to other players, and have fun at the same time.

But there’s another reason most people play poker. And that’s because they love poker. Despite all the different reasons they play poker, they do it because they love poker.

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons poker has become so popular. If you love poker, you’re probably a little interested in what it takes to win. And if you’re a poker fan, you know that a popular reason for playing is to try to win a bigger sum of money. And if you do win, a lot of people tend to like you for it. So, it’s not just money that you’re after. romance and amusement are also wafting around your situation.

So, the fact that you’re interested in poker, does not imply that you’re better than all the other poker players out there. You’re better than most of the other poker players, but you’re not Good. Bad beats are part of the game. You’re better than most of the other poker players, but you’ll still lose to a pair of aces. That’s just the way poker works. You can’t argue with that.

So, for what reason are so many people interested in dewalive? Why do so many people enjoy poker so much? Well, another reason is that it’s a challenge. It’s difficult to think about strategies when you are in a vulnerable position. But if you think about poker, think about money, and think about your opponents, the atmosphere around the table gets tense. Then, for relief, you can call your opponent and calmly say, “I have a bad hand.” With this, you can minimize the damage and have a friendly with your rivals. The atmosphere is no problem at all.

Probably the main reason for the vast popularity of poker is simply because it’s a gamble. You don’t need to have an exceptional poker face in order to participate in the game. You could be wearing a pressed blue shirt and sweat will not be able to hide your emotions. No matter what is going on in the game, a large part of the pleasure you derives from the game is the anxiety of knowing whether your hand is the winning one. When you play for money, the stakes are higher and the players tend to be tougher.

Poker is considered a game of women. A lot of men are becoming more aggressive, which means that the balance of power between men and women is tilting towards women. When this phenomenon began in poker, some men appeared to take the law into their own hands and became hardened criminal street punks. Poker became a really popular game and a lot of women too found their way into the game.

Once you become a part of the poker world, you’ll understand that the game has much more to do with psychology than the cards. When you see how rich psychology is in poker, you realize that a lot of things are going on besides the cards. When you combine psychological strategy with card skill, what you are left with is incredible power. The amount of money you can win from a pot, how much you can take from an opponent, how they feel while playing, how they look at you, how they bluff, it’s all psychology. The more you understand about psychology, the more of an advantage you have.

The more you watch, the more you practice, the more you apply different psychological strategies, the more you will learn and process you’re own feelings and logic. The more you practice, the more you will get better and better at poker. Some day you may even be able to play in satellite poker tournaments and win large amounts of money. Remember that in every satellite tournament, even the Deep Leagues, there are always at least two or three very good players.

Also, when you are considering playing for big money, you should always have a back up plan. You should have a lot of it already written and pre-planned, and you should always have that backup plan just in case. Even a small investment for your poker education will pay off big, believe me.

So, yes, you should study poker move, but do not let that be the only manual on how to play poker. You need additional knowledge and advice.

How to Win at Online Poker With the Best Poker Strategies

How to Win at Online Poker With the Best Poker Strategies

What is your best poker strategy?

Are you certain you are dispensing the best strategy you can? Sometimes, it really is hard to tell whether or not you are doing the absolute best you can, and the issue revolves around your skill and the game’s mechanics. Truth is that, you can’t ever win consistently at poker unless you have some degree of luck riding on you as well. Even the world’s best players can’t win every hand, and they know that, so they take defensive measures and play aggressively in hopes of fending off the conquests.

Best Poker Strategy: Multi-Tabling

The absolute best poker strategy is to multi-table when you can. Some online poker rooms do not allow deeper packet than 8 tables, yet some rooms like Party Poker allow up to 100+ sit and go’s at a time. When you can play several tables at once, utilizing your every skill and analytical buying, you are Madamelier than a poker professional. Due to the fact that you can play many games at once, you have a lot more opportunities in winning than if you were to play only one.

One of the absolute best ways to multi-table is using some of the very sophisticated mathematical processes one will learn for nearly all of your poker classes. For instance, EV calculations and EV mechanics can be used to determine your expectation on each hand, given a standard raise of 3.5% of the smallest stack between you and your adversary. How to do these EV calculations is quite a bit of math, and using a calculator is a good way to make these fast and efficient calculations. One can calculate his expectation by essentially adding or subtracting to the bottom of the number the number of rounds or times you will be out, and then adding or subtracting to the top of the number.

Another very intensive poker strategy, that can be utilized during a poker match, is what’s commonly referred to as Mini-Maures. Basically, the concept is to try to acquire control of the hand by forcing your opponent to ‘double the blinds’. In other words, you want to make the small blind and the big blind raise to the point where the pot odds tip in your poker chips favor. There are many different strategic stops that you can choose, including forcing the play, which requires a larger bet; and, the kill bet, which is used when you have a very strong hand, and your opponent calls a large bet, and you can hope that your hand will be the strongest on the table.

You can also choose to go into ‘objective down time’, which is considered to be the beginning of the tournament. During this time, you should pick up any control you can, which will help you to control the game. Once you’re in perfect timing, you’ll be able to respond to any acceding all-ins or determine any potential patterns of your opponents’ play.

The most important of all poker strategies, if you hope to be a long-term winner, is to learn how to control your actions and to choose the optimal poker strategy. If you don’t have the best hand, or if you have the potential to make a really good hand, don’t hesitate to bet. If you have a good hand, don’t be afraid to play it.

Fortunately, even if you do lose regularly, you’re not totally out. If you focus on the long term, you’ll have some fun and a lot more winning at poker.

7Meter is a game of psychology, if you can gain the edge over your opponents that are using basic poker strategies, you hold a better advantage than the other poker players at the table. Therefore, if you have the focus and knowledge of the game in a winning state, you’re relatively assured that you’ll win.

Study How to Win the Card Game – discover how to win at online poker!

How to Remember the Difference Between SNG and Tournament Poker

How to Remember the Difference Between SNG and Tournament Poker

Almost every poker player has at one time or another heard the term poker room or online poker room. To many, poker is a game of tournaments and not a game of rooms. But, if you are a tournament player, you need to know the difference between a poker room and a tournament.

Poker Rooms

A poker room is like any other tournament venue; the name of the venue is a misleading statement; it connotes a variety of games in one setting, all at the same time. Some poker rooms are known for their giant multi-table tournaments with lots of players. Other poker rooms have single table tournaments that are more suited to a smaller, relatively slim online poker room.

As far as all-in-all, a typical poker room has at least ten thousand players at a given time. A typical SNG has less than ten players. Many professional poker players make a living from SNGs.


A tournament is a poker game with no limits. In a tournament, the players all start with the same amount of chips and play until they no longer have chips to play with, or until they have all of the chips from the table.

Tournaments that last beyond a few hours usually start with two players, and as the time goes by, the number of players on the table increases. An hour into the tournament, two players are still in the game. At that point, a sixth player is added and the game starts over with the original two players.

The object of a tournament is to win all of the chips. This is an intense game that requires a lot of mental strength and ability to play long hours with little pay. Once again, the ability to play many hours for little pay, and the brain power to play for long periods of time, is a valuable commodity that all poker players should have.

SNGs and Tournaments

When playing in a bola88 tournament, you need to be a very good player with skills that haven’t yet reached their fullest potential. SNGs are made up of many small poker tournaments, usually no more than eight to ten players. Many tournaments are played as “satellite” events, where the winner wins an entry into a bigger tournament.

There are few reasons to enter into a tournament. The first is that the buy-in into the tournament can be very high, creating a cost structure for the tournament to recover its investments. Second, the tournament can last for a long time, creating a profitability problem. And third, the “all-in” action adds drama and excitement to the game.

SNGs and the pros

As the popularity of Texas Hold ’em poker exploded, so did the popularity of eight- and even ten-handed SNGs. And while buy-in prices are now lower, entering into these events is still very profitable. For example, a $10 buy-in into a $1,000 buy-in SNG would pay out $1,000.

And because the SNGs have a lower buy-in – especially the lower price buy-ins – the rewards for finishing in the top 20% of players get higher. Chris Moneymaker didn’t ‘think’ he was going to win the WSOP, but yet by entering a $40 SNG and playing 20 hours a week for a few months, he ended up winning the WSOP.

There isn’t a system for winning the WSOP, but there are a few tips that can be applied. First, you may want to ‘think’ about entering just a few SNGs before you ‘start ’em. Second, you may want to engage in a low-risk, high-value venture such as rebuys or rebuy tournaments. Third, you should be ready to lose the money you have won.

In the WPT, the top players earn about $10,000 to $20,000 per year. If you want to be one of them, you’ll need to enter a $1,000 buy-in event before you ‘start ’em. Tournaments with a low buy-in can be risky; you may not be ready to lose big pots when you have a lot of chips, and you’ll be able to make mistakes. And, if you want to win a big tournament, you’ll need a lot of chips. So start at the lowest level possible.

Before you ‘start’ any tournament, you should know the rules for each event. You should also have a general understanding of how the structure of the event works, and how the blinds and antes are set. The first rule of thumb is to play aggressively when you have a strong hand. Consider a continuation bet especially if your hand is a known better.

Always start with a low buy-in so you can afford to lose it all.

A Review Of The Straight Tray For Th4fold

A Review Of The Straight Tray For Th4fold

The Straight Tray for Th4fold is an essential utility which may be used in the homes and clubs. Let us see how the Straight Tray for Th4fold is useful.

Whether we are hosting a game at home or to entertain ourselves on the weekend, we can always think of ways to enjoy the game. If you are thinking of buying a poker table, you can try an electric one. However, an electric one will set you back a lot of money. Can you afford it?

However, you might not think of it that way. You can simply buy an ordinary table without an electric component. The best technique to do this is to take advice from an expert who is willing to sell you a Straight Tray for TH4 Fold. This is something that can be remembered if you are planning a purchase.

The chip tray is usually put in the center of a long oval table. The chip trays keep the chips, playing cards, and anything else you may need to entertain yourself on a Saturday night.

There are always multiple reasons why we buy chips in our homes. Whether we like to play serious or fun poker, it is here that the Straight Tray for TH4 Fold will come into its own. There is no need to buy chips in bulk when you can buy them individually.

These chip trays are often called as the 200 chip, 50 chip, 100 chip trays.erbWhen you buy the tray, you will certainly not need to worry if you cannot find the exact one that you are looking for. There are quite a few retailers that will let you buy the exact tray that you require.

When you use the tray, you can let everybody knows that you are serious about having a poker table in your house.You will be able to hold a poker game every weekend. If you have other tournaments, you can customize this tray to yield a total of ten options.

Some of the available options from the Straight Tray for TH4 Fold are the Blue Multiplayer Poker Chip Tray, which has had an added “+1” by the glass, a greeningo tray, and a roulette table tray all bodily. These are some of the variations of the tray.

So, if you think that you cannot do without yourdds or someone else’s cards, this is one way to be able to save some money. You can either hang it up somewhere prominent, place it on the coffee table, or use it as a Sick Tip.

The mechanisms that you will find are the easy to use brass mechanisms. No soldering is required. These chips can be purchased in a wider range of prices.

We do find that these chips’ spins stop easier, which is often the case with standard poker chip sets. If you are using these for your home poker game, be sure to apply the knife once in a while to protect your chips.

If you are in a place where you want a poker chip set, we recommend you consider the siege of the 6 in 1 chip case. This is a smallbrace folding card table tray that you can use with your existing furniture. If you are in a place where you want to get the spring loaded chips, you can get them in the 500 chip 500 chip chronicles.

Last year, when we held a poker event that had about 35 people, including ourselves, the beverages werelimits. Now that you can bring those to your poker game, it makes your evening a little more comfortable. So, go out there and have a couple of drinks and have a blast.

You are able to get the feeling that you are really at the casino all the time.

If you want to learn more about how to put on a poker bracelet, we recommend you visit us at

3 Steps To Be More Successful With Football Betting

3 Steps To Be More Successful With Football Betting

Is betting really a game of luck? I would say no. We all know the answer to that question, but many people still can’t seem to quit losing. Are they simply hoping to win every time, or is there a system that can be applied to betting to make more wins than losses? If you have decided to take the time to read this then you are definitely on the right track to becoming successful with football betting.

How successful you are will depend entirely on how you approach betting and how much time you are willing to put in. If you really want to make football betting a way profitable business then you will have to learn a few strategies first.

Of course you could seek out tips online and follow the advice of those who have already been successful, but the most successful people don’t just rely on luck. Many of the best football betting systems draw their information from form, something that the average person will never be able to find because the Sky Sports News will be showing ads for their past 20 years of payments. People who follow the same cycle of winning will certainly find a system that works, but people who are following their instincts will not be able to find the system that works.

If you are trying to win on a constant basis then you really do need to understand the statistics behind the game. Many football fans look at the draw as luck, when in fact it is quite the opposite. If you understand the statistics behind the game you can much more easily find ways to cash in on the small chance of a team winning.

To understand the statistics behind the game, you will need to understand the relationship between attack and defense in football. To be successful with football betting, you should understand the strengths and weaknesses of both the offense and the defense. This is easier said than done, but you should try your best to research the players and the teams to get a feel for both sides.

Managing your money for MPO777 betting is something that is much easier said than done, but if you have discipline you will not get carried away. Decide how much you are willing to risk and stick to the safe money management scheme. Having a large bankroll should be the minimum requirement for you to start football betting, but having a small one is not to be dismissed. For the first few bets you should place with your own money, not using the money that you need to pay your mortgage, bills and other investments.

How you bet will also depend on the type of bet you are looking at. If you are looking at between 1 to 3 bets per day, you should probably only bet with a small bankroll. If you are looking at more than 3 bets per day and you want to make football betting a business, you will need a large bankroll.

In the same way you will need to constantly update your knowledge of the teams and the players. This will be the key to making football betting a business, but you will also need to have a basic understanding of the game. Betting is much more difficult than any other form of investment and you will need to know a lot about the sport, the teams and the players to make it work for you.

Overall, patience and discipline are the two most important ingredients for football betting success. You will need to take your time over each pick and you will need to be patient as the season may not be as predictable as other sports. But, when you join the thousands of other football betters who are having fun, watching and learning from their mistakes, you will find that it is easy to make the right bet once you know what you are doing.

Sports Handicapping Services and Why You Should Get the Lotto System You Want

Sports Handicapping Services and Why You Should Get the Lotto System You Want

You were wondering if there was some type of sports handicapping service out there, and you were actually able to determine that you might be able to have the best system out there, but it just wasn’t meant for you. Either you just weren’t the right person to receive it, or the system was terrible and didn’t really do the job it was supposed to do. Oh, well, it’s still not too late to try and change your situation. You can still find a lot of picks that will help you increase your chances of winning your office pool and league pool money.

So, what is the secret to finding the right picks? The obvious place to start would be with a local book. But, you know there are hundreds and hundreds of them in your town, so you might want to find one that is even better. Despite how good a local book was, there are just as many bad ones around, if you know where to look.

You might want to look Dewatogel, but then you will have to contend with a lot of very un-friendly companies. How about researching all of the smaller Internet bookmaking companies out there and finding the best ones to take your bets? This is pretty tough, since there are just as many scams as there are in the legitimate industry. However, some of those companies can be worth it if you research them carefully.

One way to look at finding the best picks would be to ask around. If you hear nothing about a game and have no knowledge of who is playing, you might be able to find professionals to give you advice. You will also be able to ask around amongst your friends in a similar fashion.

If that is not working, you can always ask your mom or your girlfriend what they think about the game. Though they may not be as good as the professional cappers, they can at least give you a game plan for watching the game and picking a team. That might not be the same as making the picks, but it can still help.

Another way to pick a game would be to go to your local grocery store and see if they have a big sporting book displayed on the counter that is not run by the cashier. Sometimes, some sporting book holders run multi sports betting sections and may even have on display partial lines or day-to-day betting prices. This is not an indication that they are short stacked, but that they are desperate for customers and likely to pass up on any line you present.

Another tip you can use to pick potentially profitable lottery numbers is to compare them to the winning numbers on the next day. Often, some numbers are more popular than others and you can find out whether they are typically drawn more often, making it a winning pick’em, or whether they are commonly drawn. Of course, you will need to do some work on your end to develop a way to figure out which numbers tend to hit more often.

How to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker

How to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better is the most popular form of video poker available to you online. Jacks or Better is a version of the game that can be played with up to five coins, giving you the opportunity to double your payout with the bonus coin.

Just like in real Jacks or Better, the object is to get a winning hand and win what the machine gives to you. To win the bonus coin, you must hold the best hand combination that the jacks or better machine can produce.

To play the game, you are dealt five cards. You add a coin to your machine and the jacks or better machine randomly deals you a hand. Unlike in real Jacks or Better, you do not have to hold any cards to win the hand. If you do not hold the best hand combination, the machine will randomly deal you another hand. If you do hold the best hand combination, you win the Jacks or Better bonus coin.

The jacks or better video poker machine will deal you what is referred to as your Straight. The highest paying combination that the machine can deal you is a Royal Flush that pays 200 coins for one coin. If you are dealt a four card combination, you can decide to hold four coins or trade them for a new hand. You do this by placing a quarter in the slot and press the coin or press the clasps button. You will be dealt a new hand that can be any combination of your original hand and the jacks or better bonus coin.

The second phase of the game is called the Draw phase. During the draw phase, you can change your hand any time that you want. You can cancel any previous draw and hold any kind of hand you want. If you miss your draw, the round will continue with the same phases of the game. If you do draw a Royal Flush, you will win the Jacks or Better bonus coin.

Another historically accurate aspect of jacks or better is that it is one of the first video poker machines to be released in the U.S.

The primary purpose of video panen138 is to have machines that payments exceed the take home pay of the players. The player has the incentive of buying the machine and the return of the machine is set by the amount of coins played. Each new player has a 1 in 4 chance to win a jackpot. By playing, the player reduces the casino’s overall return to the casino.

The jacks or better video poker machine enlists many features that other machines do not. Players can, if they choose, stop the reels to examine the payout. The unit is Operated by a small batch of internal consulting experts that ensure proper payout tuning. These experts are at work while the game is running. Payout tables are posted during the game so that players will know what they are accepting.

In weaker hands, the player can press the spin button to generate additional cards for exchange. In addition, the player may take out the machine’s front and back 6 decks for a new hand. The new hand is played with the same rules as the original hand.

On the front of the machine is a flashing Alert Sign that reminds the player what he or she has hit or missed. In the USA, there is a switch that allows the player to change the sound of the Alert Sign.

On the inside, the machine keeps track of all cards played, and each hand. There is tollomatic payout system that is set to the number of coins played. The one-coin bet plays the maximum number of coins. The machine provides play from $0.25 to $1.00 coins, and plays 3 coins per hand.

It is important to realize that a jackpot can not be accumulated. The game is intended only for leisure, not for profit. The coins can be deposited or withdrawn by the player at any time.

A Winning Poker Strategy - How to Play the Turn Successfully

A Winning Poker Strategy – How to Play the Turn Successfully

Like many players of poker, you’re not sure exactly how to play the turn. Even though you’ve read plenty of books and understood the basic terminology, you’re still unsure about some of the most basic principles of poker.

At the heart of any poker strategy is the understanding of the turn – whether to raise, call or fold. Knowing how to play the turn is vital to any aggressive poker player, as it’s the stage you’ll make the most money from your opponents.

Granted, a winning MPO500 strategy isn’t just about what cards you get dealt at the start of the round, but is also about what cards you do get dealt, and how those cards can win you the pot.

Winning poker strategy, then, is about the battle plan you fashion for that critical moment in the game, whether it be the first card you want or the last card you expect.

At the start of any poker game, you should tell yourself, “I will not raise unless I have a strong hand.” Superficily, you won’t get another card if you don’t have one, so you are in a very strong position in the game. If however, you do have a strong hand, you need to conceal this strength, so that other players cannot get a read on you.

Next, you should choose a more positional approach to playing the turn, rather than raising in pre-flop and then folding when you get dealt a less than strong hand. Your bets in the pre-flop are then placed in a restricted manner. For example, you can’t raise from under the gun, nor can you just check in the blinds.

You’re only really going to have a chance at winning the pot in two ways: by bluffing, or by scoring a direct hit. The former is much easier to pull off, but the latter is much harder. If you score a direct hit, there are not many cards that can save you, so you’re gambling. But, even though you’re gambling, you’re not completely risking your stack to do so. You’re just risking your chips, so if you can, weigh your options, and make your move wisely.

Statistically, you have a 25% chance of hitting a monster hand on the turn. Remember that this is only calculated statistically. However, you can also calculate your odds of winning the pot, and the likelihood that other players will have a hit as well. Depending on your read of the other players and the cards on the table, you may be able to bet or fold that hand.

The read vary of a player’s cards can give you a much better idea of when to call or not. If you have a read on a player who plays very conservatively, there is a good chance that they will only play better hands. If you have a read on a player who bets his cards, there is a good chance he will call or raise unless he gets a very good card.

It is much harder to make a good read on a player who plays a lot of hands, however. If you’re playing novice players, it’s a good idea to fold a lot of hands before sitting down at the table. Consider folding before the flop if you’re dealt terrible cards. Having read players’ hands a well as many novice poker players’ cards, the odds of them folding given the cards you have is still low.

Then again, anyone can win a pot with any two cards in their hand, so it is not such a great thing when you read someone’s hand, especially if that player is new or is a good player. Being able to read the hands of other players helps you make better decisions and earn more money.

The hands you read may not help you win the game, but with a good one you will at least be on the right side of most pots. Being able to decipher what hands the other players have, based on their betting patterns and what cards they show down, gives you a great edge against most players.

It takes a lot of time and practice to learn how to make reads like this. If you teach yourself to be able to read players’ hands in live play, you can start to pick up some serious chips in online play.

Come Play at the Bingo Cafe

Come Play at the Bingo Cafe

Some online bingo websites are designed with the utmost simplicity. The typical web page set up is for the game board to be in the center with the chat window on the left and the jackpot information on the right side. The Bingo Cafe has a more complex set up. It is more of a three dimensional room, so as to resemble a real life bingo hall.

While nothing will replace face-to-face contact, The Bingo Cafe comes close in that you can talk to a real person via the chat system. You can also pass the time by playing various games like Let It Ride, Red Dog, army men, checkers, and Trivia. The Bingo Cafe has a daily schedule of games and events and is open for 24 hours a day.

The designs of The Bingo Cafe are simple but the Bingo Cafe cards are colorful and the Bingo buttons are bright and large. To add to the fun, the Cafe has a bar at its center and during non-instant waking games, nosy friends are invited to join in the sessions, where prizes are awarded.

Gary Blockchain started The Bingo Cafe in 1994 and here daily, over eight million people play one or more games of bingo through the casino’s majority of their web site. Games can be played for a small deposit of just 25p per game.

In addition to bingo, The Bingo Cafe offers a variety of other non-playing games. People take The Beatle Networking System online and are given Beatle 2000 to work with. This system is hands down the best social networking tool on the internet. To play social games like Pokerrepublik, rooms submit their names and then share images of themselves in the chat room. The mix of image and information sharing creates a totally social experience.

Pocket Bingo is a multi-lingual, multi-text chat room. Sponsored by world’s best Bingo Game Players, it is the ultimate platform to meet new friends and have fun at the same time.

Card games are another attraction at The Bingo Cafe. Although not a multitude of games, they are all very well-known games, like Let It Ride, Ophelia’s slots and the highly popular Keno.

For people who would like to win something but who are not interested in gambling, there are some very good reasons to visit The Bingo Cafe. Not only do they offer some of the best non- gambling games, but they are a perfect location to meet new friends from all over the world. Many of the members are on the road traveling to different locations to educate people of different countries about the game of Bingo.

Find Your Tribe

When you visit The Bingo Cafe, you can find yourself joining a Bingo community of people from all over the globe. Not only that, but you will soon be able to find your favorite game in the mix. Not only that, but you will discover that The Bingo Cafe has the best Bingo friends waiting for you, and that you are not alone in your quest for the best in the Ever-itable.

How to Become a Better Poker Player

How to Become a Better Poker Player

Whether you are an interesting in becoming a better poker player or you already are one, but you want to improve your game more, I have the answer for you. Read on and we talk about how to become a better poker player.

When I started to play kartupoker in college, poker was not even on my mind. I sort of blew him off even though I really liked the game. He would mention that there was no way I could get in the final three and I just did not see how I could have a chance. Even at the local tournaments I would make it to third or fourth, but I always seemed to lose to the more experienced players. It was not like I could view them as competition. They were friends I would share a few hands with and share what I was doing right and wrong. We just got stuck in the fact that we were “newbies” playing for real money.

As I became more and more frustrated, I started carrying a chip around with me to practice with so I could at least play loose early in the tournament. It got to the point where I would have twenty times the starting amount. I carried the chip around with me just to have something to do in case I started to feel alone. How wrong I was as those hours would turn into hours, and I never reached the final table.

Did you know that professional poker players average about thirty tournaments under their belts? Well, I also had about thirty tournaments completed. About half of those were cash games, and while I did win a few, my winnings were just a little over $10 per hour. Still, I was making enough to pay for my gas, food and drink while I waited for the right time to strike.

Then I thought, “I am going to start waiting at the shoots, and the next shoot will be over there in a couple hours. I better get a move on then.” Right when I finished eating, I headed to the restroom. When I excused myself, there was one player waiting for me. I didn’t even care about that player one bit. I already made my move. The move? I headed to the cash line to get my chips.

Hey, you may not win a big pot or a tournament, but you can learn a lot by watching your opponents. You will find that your opponents keep a really close track of each and every hand that is played. They know the statistical odds on certain hand percentages. Furthermore, they can usually spot each and every “tell” by the reaction of a player when another player bets.

You might not be able to pick up on every little movement of a player as they might not use the handwear convention. However, you can definitely see a lot from the actions that they make that they are trying to hide. Sometimes they hand might be shaking as they think of a good poker hand. Other times they might accidentally let you see their hand when they meant to muck it back in the bag. Hope that you can monitor the level of trust that your opponents in poker give you.