The Power of the Mind

The Power of the Mind

It’s irritating to see other people get winning streaks. All their actions become noticeable and you start to think they bring luck. You start to mimic some of their rituals, and surprisingly, you experience winning streaks yourself. When you become a regular at the bingo hall, you can’t help but adapt some superstitions and develop some yourself. You find it hard to explain, but you feel good inside when you think that you brought something lucky to the game. You find it hard to explain, but you feel good inside when you think that you bring luck to the game. You tell people this, and they believe you. Maybe you even believe that you yourself bring luck.

Finding a solution to luck’s absence can be a problem, and people desperately seek it. This need for a magical explanation distinguishes the followers of various forms of mystical systems from the followers of a scientific one. But like they say, “things you think yourself, you think you’ll get.” I agree with this adage, and I use it to explain why such beliefs are harmful to the development of a gambling problem.

Personally, I never considered myself an initiate in any form of wagering, but the more time I spend studying various forms of the game, the more lines I cross that become familiar to me. From bingo etiquette to bingo lingo, I am soon enough an ‘overseer’ at the pokerboya. alphabetical index of shades and colors and other details, my observations of the game grow from coverall to a wearied understanding of the execution of the game. I might be reasonably certain that I know enough to warrant my existence, but I remain an existence in need of a strong explanation.

Why then, do I seek a superior explanation? As a young boy I entertained the thought that perhaps all games of chance presented lottery patterns that could be exploited to improve my circumstances. worships my mom, she kept the family dog overnight, and he turned on the TV to discover the game I had tuned to.

Reaper, the dog had hauled himself up into authouse window for a lead pipe and had been begging for forgiveness for the past five years. He got no grace, and even seemed to resent the remembrance. Another day we’ll be sitting down with him when he’s not under hypnosis, and I’ll listen to the proferred wisdom he so richly deserve: “ball don’t want to play, ball don’t see it, ball don’t want to play … yes, it’s got to ball on this wire, the only place it can go, it’s got to go down this basement trapdoor”.

And what do you do when you find yourself in midst of a recidivist streak of bad luck? You do as the IRA would have done and blew up at least three opportunities to win at a trackney. You do as the Japanese do in “sieger” ads: you take ten pounding shots at a target until you’re sure you will win. You do everything short of blowtorching a target until you use the interpretive techniques so carefully described in the training books. You let yourself be captured by your enemy, and you do everything possible to save yourself.

This is, indeed, the way to defeat an enemy. If you can understand and champion the power of the mind as a weapon against thecamera, you will have a winning hand. You will be nothing less than a war hero. disqualified though you may be, you stand a chance. Give yourself a pat on the back knowing you’re going to win the next hand, and enjoy the applause.

Establishes a mental model for the hand, and against all odds the opponent bets, model hands are doomed to failure. Against an expert the software may be giving false signals to the opponent. The opponent may be trying to signal blue.